Sir Lewis and Roscoe

Dave Woody

Well-known member
40cm x 30cm cheap canvas
The 7 times World F1 racing driver Sir Lewis Hamilton has a 'comfort' canine and best
friend, a Bulldog called Roscoe.

He has made Roscoe a Vegan, as he himself is and this is a play on that.

I am lucky enough to have a couple of my artworks accepted by two prominent F1
individuals and this is a new one I intend to send to Sir Lewis.

If anything....Lewis might like the image of Roscoe enough, not to reject this gift.
It is intended to raise a smile firstly, but I hope that by suggesting 9 titles are achievable...
I might just reach him.
but..... my wife met him coming through Heathrow, with Roscoe....and
he didn't grasp her humour on how Roscoe calms him when flying and
if Roscoe is alongside him when he's flying on the race track!

He blankly replied ...'No, Roscoe is in the Motorhome...'
I will send it with a carefully constructed letter explaining the ' the Pope Catholic....'? nuance
to the image. Roscoe might be totally onboard with a vegan diet, or he actually would prefer
sausages.....much like ... is Lewis, himself, satisfied with 7 World Titles ...?
I will also outline in my letter that there was no attempt to paint him, because I would have
failed for sure, but....I got Roscoe right and he's the important one here....!