Yeah I know, I mean I'm with Saatchi and they take about 35%, I was invited by Singulart and thought I'd give it a go, we'll see what happens(if anything) the other thing is that they seem more interested in bigger work - well obvious really they earn more, but first they have to sell
I checked it out and I take real issue that they take 50% when they have so many, many artists in that roster. When a gallery takes 50% they are representing more of a handful of artists and giving them more attention to promote them and give them showings, etc. I don't understand why this site would take that kind of commission just because they have some featured artists and have extra pictures and bios, etc. An artist just gets lost in this shuffle. Saatchi is a well-known name/site and I think it's fair that 35% is taken because they factor in all the shipping costs for the artist and buyer, and have an easier interface.
Yes you're quite right Arty, as I say they invited me with the dangling carrot of having your own art liaison person, which is not possible really after the initial call and starting help.Anyway I've uploaded some stuff and I'll see if anything happens, nothing to lose
Re Saatchi, I have sold through them, but I think the site is a bit of a behemoth now, so much work on there
That's Great that you've sold through Saaatchi. I never have, but I haven't "tried" very hard, not that I'd know how to try or know what to do to promote myself there. I think my prices might be too high. I'm not sure, but no bites and I have very few followers there.

That's cool that the other site invited you though. That must feel good, and if it doesn't cost anything to be there, you don't have anything to lose but time I suppose. Try it and let us know! :)
I'm useless about self promotion, when I look around Saatchi for example and see how much work some of the artists put in its a wonder they get time to paint.
If I knew I'd more than happily share🙂. From what I've seen a lot of the artists who seem to be in the spotlight seem to make a lot of videos, including wips and also spend time on the site, none of which I do. I think also that some artists can pull their work together cohesively and that also helps them
Claude. It seems to be the same on insta, there are some artists who post videos, interviews and art constantly, who seem to really engage with their viewers and they also have a lot of hashtags and it seems important to be able to post new work regularly which is not easy for everyone
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I post one work per day on insta, but it's really hard to keep it up consistently. I do the best I can. I use as many hashtags as I can think of, but I hear you can put as many as thirty! I use maybe ten at the most. I don't have a ton of followers like some of my other artist friends. I think you have to spend a LOT of time on the site and comment on a lot of other people's profiles in order to get action back on your profile. I don't have that kind of time, but I do a few "likes" here and there on the few artists I follow regularly.

I have never promoted myself on Saatchi and don't know how. I think laf is right about putting up a lot of cohesive work. I never have that because my work is always all over the place.
I have the same problem Arty plus I don't really know what tags I should use apart from abstract.
Here are mine from the last post with the image:

#merrygoround #ondrugs #peyote #hallucinogens #contemporarypainting #contemporaryart #oilpainting #outsiderart #whimsicalart #desertlandscapes #weirdart #cactuspainting #desertabstract #joshuatree #joshuatreeart #joshuatreepaintings #desertpainting

Also, I always make sure I put my work into a square format. It looks better on the profile page to me. I suppose I can look at other people's work to see how they do it.

The thing with your hashtags is that you have definite points of reference, desert etc which is great and must help get people to see your work, I don't often have such strong reference points so end up putting colours or shape related words which I think could be a lot better.Love the painting especially the merrygoround🙂
Sometimes I will make ones that reference the painting colors, like #yellowoilpainting, #yellowart, #yellowpainting, #yellowandblue, #yellowabstract, etc.
Yes I do a few of them, not all tho. I think I should have a look at what others use, I don't usually.