Simple winter landscape


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This was a practice piece. I really love how the wet in wet technique worked in the trees. The spots in the sky are where paper pilled. Used a Strathmore Visual Journal which is not 100% cotton but was told it was great for practice. it probably is but not for repeated washes.


Also need to work on photo skills😎
Oh, that's too bad about this paper, because the painting itself is lovely! I agree with you about the wet on wet technique - your trees look awesome! Plus, I've learned something - I'm familiar with this particular look in watercolor, but didn't know what it was called.

So, thanks Jim! ;) I look forward to seeing more.
Terri, thanks for your encouraging words. Not sure that is the proper name but it is the way I think of it.

Rich, thanks for seeing a positive! Appreciate the support.

Jo, thank you my friend.
I love that line of trees. It's a beautiful delicate painting. The pilling reminds me of large flakes of snow falling - the way they can look dark when they're above you.
Kay D, thank you for encouraging words and for seeing a positive in the negative. Appreciate.
The mood and feel of the picture is good but although good paper costs more it allows you to learn using it. Different papers react differently to washes and scraping . What you learned from this paper might not apply to another.
Gbritnell, I am finding that out I have some Arches but saving it for a painting I plan to keep. The Strathmore is now assigned for testing colors and am trying a block of Academy paper tauted to be 100% cotton and a Canson XL Sketchbook for practice. Thanks the tip.
Snoball and Ayin, thank you for taking the time to comment and encourag. Your words are much appreciated.

That’s true about the Strathmore journals unfortunately. Love your simple landscape Fletch.
Thank you Balaji. I really love how the tres turned out. Practicing that technique more.