Signing old artwork?


I may need opinions about signing older artwork that I forgot to sign in the past. These are mostly drawings that were done some 15 years back. Some less than that, but I'm not sure it matters; I changed my name this year. Do I sign and date them as my name then, or now? I'm signing them now, so I'm not sure what to do, but I think I should sign them as my old name and date them as close to the year that I think I did them.

What do you think?
I'm sorry because I don't think my answer helps to remove doubts but I believe that every choice would be right, that is, in any case it is not wrong,
lyou forgot the signature and date, so you can add it now the date with old name,
but it is also correct to put the date of 15 years ago, the date of the period but the current name, perhaps writing a work of, carried out in the year, around the year .........

that is, in my opinion it is as you prefer, if you want to sell them under the current name, so that from this year on you only use the name of now, so that you will no longer have to go back to using the name of that time for any work you can do it, so you use current name here too, that's right
or third option, if you want to use the current name but adding a clarification, you can sign with your name saying that these drawings were made on the date of, in 2006 and that then the artist was recognized with the name ...
maybe this in a note, a sheet to print and add to the work, or you write it on the back, or a kind of stamp on the back, or a separate note, I don't know. in order not to sign too long I say, but okay well write: 'current name BEFORE previous name'

for me the most correct is the choice you think you prefer, because none are wrong.

if what is written is stupid, I apologize. I am however sure that they will be able to tell you better and that both things are right and that you should choose the choice you prefer
That's a tough one imo - especially since you've changed your name since then. I would sign them with the name I used at the time of the work - but not sure about dating them - at least not on the front with your signature. You could put the date on the back along with the name of the piece. Since the year is a guess, and since you didn't sign it in that year - putting title, year, date, on the back seems more appropriate.
I think it would be proper to sign with the name you used at that time and I also agree with Bongo, best to put the date and title on the back. I suppose you could sign it like Prince....The Artist known as..... 😁
I agree to use my old name and put it on the back with the year of when I finished it. Thank you for all your help everyone. :)