Should We Be Worried?

Donna T

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This is fun art not fine art so I hope it's ok to post here. I had a bunch of scraps and leftovers from printmaking laying around and decided to make a collage with them. The background is bristol paper that I use to roll off excess paint from my brayer and the tissue at the bottom is also leftover from making prints. Used dryer sheets also got recycled. It was fun making it all from trash! :) 6x8 C&C is always welcome!
I love it!! And I admire your ingenuity in putting together this very successful collage from leftover items. It's lovely, it's floaty - it even can be a building under the sun on an overcast day, if you like. ;)

I adore collage! Great job.
I love this! So many interesting details, shapes and lines ... I think you should do more! :)
Not fine art? Could have fooled me! This is wonderful. I like everything about it. Very ethereal. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Wayne, Queen Bee, Terri, Triduana and Arty: Thank you so much! I will definitely look at my scraps more closely in case they want to transform into a story of some kind. I thought the printed tissue paper at the bottom looked like water rising up and then the weird cloud came along and oh those poor people in the "buildings" ... 😄
All the better if it's been fun to make! I find the colors and texture wonderful. There is a lot of fun in this piece
Thanks so much, Ferlian! It's good to let loose and be whimsical every now and then.
Thanks Ferlian. I find myself looking at used dryer sheets now and wondering what else I can do with them!