Shekinah, mixed media: paper garment patterns, oil, colored pencil, and thread stitched on canvas, 20 x 20 inches.

Thanks sno. I don't do too many of these anymore, but perhaps I should? I am always confused about what I "should" or "shouldn't" do. I do like to marry things/styles together. I like doing these, but I also like doing various types of landscapes at the moment, so I don't know. But thanks for always supporting these! I really appreciate it and it gives me a lot to think about. ❤️
This is a favourite, without doubt. If it were on my wall I would spend a part of each day looking at it.
I like it. I had to google the title (Wikipedia for the win), and it enhanced the work.
Such an educational forum:geek:
Thank you Iain and EJH. I appreciate both of your comments. Iain, I'm pretty sure Hines bought this one.
That's good. It's good to know your work is in the hands of somebody you know can value it.