Gimmel Machine


Gimmel Machine is part of the Dan collection. It's 20 x 16, oil and paper on linen.

What is Dan up to now? This is so intriguing! The linen makes for a beautiful, textural background.
Thank you Wayne, Donna, sno, Bongo, and JennieJo! ♥️ <--all around!

Wayne: in this piece, the paper is glued with a clear polymer, then painted over with oils.
Donna: Dan has been making a comeback because he'll be featured in my next show about healing. I agree about the textured linen. It's one of my favorite surfaces to use.
Bongo: The Gimmel Machine makes money, and it is also what Dan was born out of. :ROFLMAO: (Just something I kinda made up.)
And wasn't Dan's first word "yellow?" ;) His legend continues...

A fun and colorful piece. I'm so happy to see more Dan! The linen is just gorgeous.