Seattle Motor Sports


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No idea what I'm going to paint today, heading out and see what happens...
My gear -

Just 3 things to carry.
Mabef half-box French easel.
Home-made wet panel carry - does double duty - works to stabilize the panel on the easel - no more jiggle.
Gear bag

Total weight is 25 pounds. Since I do plein air in the city I don't have to trek thru the countryside. So the weight is not an issue.

Inside the bag I have the usual suspects. Paper towels slide over homemade brush carrier when traveling - saves room. This bag is made to stay wide open so you can easily see and get to everything

Spent too much time looking for something to paint - and then the balloons out in front of Seattle Motor Sports caught my eye. (I'm a sucker for a balloon). So set up across the street in a patch between the sidewalk and a parking lot.
The spot.jpg

The view isn't as bad as it looks in the photo. Traffic was light and not much of a problem blocking the view. (until it got heavy)

blocking in

Making progress
more progress.jpg

Seattle Motor Sports oil on 14"x18" panel
Seattle MotorSports.jpg

comments welcomed
Nifty! Looks like you had a great day! Lovely simplification. Wish I could learn that. I get way too detailed...
I love when you share these processes with us. I always look forward to it. Great work Bongo. Love the balloons in this. ♥️
I like this a lot. Good for you for getting out and getting in a late painting. Applause!!!
You make the most of urban subject matter and I appreciate all the progress shots. I wonder if the people who put up the balloons know that they attracted an artist? Very nice painting!
funny you should ask. There was a parking lot right behind me and a guy pulls up in a Tesla and approaches me, "I saw you out here all afternoon from across the street and wondered what you were doing." Turns out he works for Seattle Motor Sports. I told him it was the balloons, not the cars that attracted me and that pretty much ended the conversation.

He liked the painting, but then again NO ONE ever tells you they don't like your painting - they either "love it" or they don't say anything.