Seascape Nov. 28, 21


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Seascape, ~6x9" Oil study on canvas paper. Sorry for the glare. Oops, thought I edited out more of the tape...
other than those, What works, what doesn't? C&C welcome :) Thanks.

Your darkest darks should be contained to one area or 1/3 of your painting .. front, middle, or back .. that gives you more spatial distance on limited value range.
Nice work NTL...wonderful contrast based on the very limited palette with good use of lights against darks for effect.

I just LOVE this, ntl!! I agree with Donna that this has a distinct Tonalist style, which I am *quite* fond of. ❤️

Tonalism is known for its atmospheric/misty flavor, so I wouldn't sweat those values a bit. Plus, I'm guessing those darker values you have on the bank and in the foreground are being blown out by the glare here from the photo. If it gets too contrasty, the effect just wouldn't be the same. Yellows, grays, a touch of black and white all make this total eye candy to me.

LOVE all that golden beauty! :) You nailed it.
Lazarus, Thanks!
Donna, thanks for saying!
Wayne, thanks—good thing to keep in mind.

Jo, It’s very different for me. Glad you like it.
Sylwia, thank you.
Triduane, Thanks for your supportive comments.

John, thanks, I appreciate your comment.
Terri, Going out on a limb can be scary, your comments help a lot. Thanks.
Thanks All!
This is lovely !
I like the monochromatic-ness of this. I'd love to see more detail in the grass in the foreground. You wouldn't need to add much, but just something for differentiation. Otherwise, it's still very beautiful! ♥️
Sno, thanks. I'll see about posting another photo later, hopefully glare-free.
Joe1lt, Perry, thanks!
Arty, Kay, Esther, thank you. Your comments are very encouraging.
Lovely reflective/peaceful mood, and atmospherics with the limited pallet.(y)