Scavenger Hunt from Life #75: July 5 - July 13


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Welcome to the Scavenger Hunts from Life.
The Hunts were started in 2006 by Jamie Williams Grossman as a way to practice with prompts. Artists have come and gone while forming some lasting friendships. We hope you will join in and tune up your sketching skills. All levels and techniques are welcome. We hope you can have some good times here. You can travel the world seeing the sketches of items at hand by the artists.

If you’ve participated in at least one Scavenger Hunt and have time to host one we would really appreciate it. You can sign up by posting your name on the current hosting schedule in the Art From Life forum here:

Here are the rules for the Hunt:
*All everyday common items on the list must be sketched from life – not imagination or photo reference.
*Each object you draw can count for only one item on the listless, no matter how many shapes/parts/colors that object contains. This was agreed on by unanimous vote among the participants.
*You may place multiple objects together in a drawing or painting, and may count these objects as separate items, but no single object can count for more than one item.
*All items posted must be numbered. Count them as you go. The first item you post will be #1 regardless of its place on the list. Do them in whatever order you wish, but count them in the order in which you sketch them, from 1 to 26.
*Do as many or as few of the items as you like. You don’t have to finish the entire list to participate. The Scavenger Hunt “week” will last for 9 days, with the next hunt starting on the 9th day.
*Please tell us your size, surface, medium, and the amount of time it took you for each sketch. We love hearing about your subjects and setups. Photos of your subjects are welcome.
*Have fun!
*** If you have some hunt sketches completed but little time to read/comment, please post your sketches anyway. Commenting is appreciated but not required!

Scavenger Hunt from Life #75: July 5 - July 13

Let's get outside while we can. Here are outside items that can be found in the
neighborhood, gardens, parks, and a few rainy day items. Enjoy!

In the Neighbor Hood:
1. Neighbor Hood Street lamp
2. Neighbor Hood Mailbox
3. Neighbor Hood Fire hydrant
4. Neighbor Hood Birdhouse
5. Neighbor Hood Outdoor stairs

In The Garden:
6. Garden Flower
7. Garden trellis
8. Garden gnome
9. Garden gate

In The Park:
10. Park bridge
11. Park pathway
12. Park picnic table
13. Park swing
14. Park Bench
15. Park Bicycle Riders
16. Park Walkers
17. Park Gazebo
18. Park water feature (such as a waterfall, pond, or beech etc)
19. Park sculpture

Rainy Day Items:
20. Lamp
21. Vase
22. Mirror
23. Coffee mug
24. Kitchen utensils (spoons, forks, knives)
25. Sofa
26. Candlestick holder
Thanks for the new list, Paul! I like how you grouped the items together.

I tried to get a few items in one sketch this morning.
1 - street lamp - watercolors and ink
2 - garden flowers
3 - picnic table
4 - bench
5 - gazebo

Howdy... Thanks for the list Paul. I have a mini workplace seminar at a seaside hotel, 2 hours from Bangkok. I hope I can try to sketch something there.

Joan: Well done... such a fantastic charming scene to start our Hunt.
Joan, such a great way to start the Hunt. Super finds. The gazebo and light around the bench are super.

Hi everyone else.

We went for a check up for Gene so I had about 10 minutes to sketch in the travel sketchbook with the Acurit 03 pen.
Number 1, sofa - subbing chair and wheelchair
Number 2, kitchen utensils - subbing the sink in the exam room
These are stretches for the items, but at least I sketched. The man was leaning on the lady's wheel chair.

#1 sub. Garden gnome with this airplane on one of rest area decoration...done in directwatercolor ... pardon my wonky airplane...

Jo: cool sketches at the clinic...hope you and Gene are doing OK.
Ai, love your wonky airplane. Gene's appointment was just checking. All clear! Good to go for 3 months.
Love everyone’s sketches….

My free time is almost nil. But when I get to watch an episode of Monk I sketch during commercials….so I have used associations to make my sketch meet the list.

1 street lamp is a cousin to table lamp
2. Mailbox…you can check your email box on this smart tv is you like
3. Fire hydrant- these bedpost’s are made from trees that dogs peed on when a fire hydrant wasn’t handy
4 birdhouse… I am Robin and this scene is part of our house.
You guys are amazing.... you never tire

Joan: Great park scene well done.

Jo: Good use of time. I think the man in the wheel chair is making advanves to the lady
in the other wheel chair.. well done sketches

Ai: Colorful airplane I enjoy your watercolors...

Robin: Love your creativity very good. My wife and I watch Monk evey Sunday at 8PM. It is one
of our favorite shows. All great sketches
Thanks Paul, Robin, and Jo. I went to a workplace seminar at a nice seaside resort hotel... but I did not have much time to sketch except this sunrise beach scene in directwatercolor.

Robin: Your sketches are fabulous but your association is super fun and clever... I love your birdhouse interpretation !!!

#2 sub. the park's water feature with the beach at Cha-Am Thailand.
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Hey Paul, thanks again.

Robin, you made me laugh out loud with the fire hydrant. I love your drawing and clever birdhouse. I’m grinning.

Ai. Lovely beach. Happy you found time for that.
Thanks everyone!

Jo, nice sketches from the doctor's office! Stretching is welcome.

Ai, super job on that colorful airplane!! You definitely have a water feature there.

Robin, your associations made me chuckle. Love the ones about the bedpost and birdhouse. Glad you still have a good sense of humor.

Yesterday the NYC Urban Sketchers were in Central Park. In the afternoon we went to sketch a gladiator practice tournament on a hill by the Museum of Natural History. The gladiators practice there once a month. It was a very hot, humid day so I felt bad for them in their suits of armor. We sketched for about 2 hours there.

6 - gladiators (sub for people walking) - ink & watercolors

7 - garden trellis - direct watercolor


8 - garden gate - watercolors and ink


9 - fire hydrant - direct watercolor

Joan, love your gladiators. Wow. You have a magic touch with the direct watercolor.

Number 3 park water - sub pond, guess where? In the Ohuhu sketchbook with Micron03

Thanks, Joan, NedL, and Jo.

Super Gladiator sketche, Joan. and Jo... wonderful park sketch. You are so blessed to be nearby park and lake.
Jo, thanks. Glad you have that "go to" spot that makes it easy to sketch.

Ai, thanks so much. The gladiators were quite challenging to sketch but fun!
Paul, nice lifeguard perch, envy you getting out to beach

Ai, interesting moody atmosphere sketch….

JoC …the pond sketch is so airy and big spaces in small sketch…..refreshing, makes me take a deep breath

Joan, super direct sketches especially like the fire hydrant and the knight in armour resting at the base of a tree…super work…all your people sketches hold so much body language they have a rich feel

EP- hi, hope you are enjoying July things