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I'm going to try a few still lifes with charcoal.
I didn't have many value changes so I put a dark
outline around things.
8x10, watercolor paper.

I've seen many saws like this, even used them a few times. Husband is a carpenter/builder.
Thanks Jo. I don't do much golfing anymore. Just three times this last summer.

Thanks Queen and Kat.

Sno-haven't used that saw in years.....I mostly use hand saws.
I enjoy your subject matter. The shading on the bag is well done. I think stronger shadows around the saw as appropriate, and under the table edges would provide good value changes. I see shadows there, making them a bit stronger would help the saw stand out more. Both are well done.
Here are sketches I did playing around this morning.
I'm learning that I can't get fine detail with this watercolor paper....too much texture.
The girl's face is not very good. I'm finished with charcoal and anxious
to do some color work.

These are not bad, but I do know exactly what you mean about those cold press papers. I really dislike them for drawing and painting.
your face is splendid! Good values, good sizes shapes, good depth. No-o, don't stop with charcoal yet, use a paper that's better for charcoal use.
Arty-I like the effect for charcoal landscapes but I agree for other subjects I don't care for it.

ntl-thanks again. I'll try some smooth paper later on.