Recent art that you liked


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Perhaps time to restart this thread on the new forum? By "recent art" I mean not only recently completed art, but anything you recently saw. I'll start off with one of my favorite living artists, Aron Wiesenfeld, who seems to have developed a new way of working with pen.

Aron Wiesenfeld - Study, ink and graphite on paper, 11x13 inch.jpg
Eugene Speicher - Pattie.jpg

Eugene Speicher - Portrait of Pattie.

Speicher is today perhaps best known for an incident that happened in his youth. He was a fellow student of Georgia O'Keeffe, and he badgered her to sit for him. She kept on refusing, saying she was too busy with her own work. Speicher then made a statement that would come back to haunt him: "What does it matter? I'm going to be a famous artist, and you'll end up teaching art at some girls' school."

Well, I'll leave it to members here to debate the merits of the two artists, but I rather liked this portrait. :)

how wonderful the pen work of Aron Wiesenfeld is absurd, fantastic.
thank you for publishing this image I had never seen it before.
looking for more of him he impressed me a lot among other things, he works with the boy who has a Batman costume
(that work is in another medium I think).

thanks also for the other images, for other artists mentioned in the discussion

I take this opportunity to publish this image of Miles Johnston

in fact I could not think of a single name, in the last 2 years especially for joining the 2 forums my favorite artists are many many more so I would not know how to choose, I like many works, many artists in the same way anyway I quote Miles Johnston , also in this case a few months ago I saw his works for the first time and he doesn't know just one
Joe, the color image is by Neil Farber.

Thanks for sharing the images in the links by Miles Johnston. Really nice! Sometimes I don't like surreal work, but I love these well rendered pieces. :)
Posting that painting by Georgia O'Keeffe's nemesis put in my mind to go look over the web for some of her work, which brought me to this lesser known one, which I'll post here for no other reason than to irritate StLukes: :cool:

Georgia O'Keeffe - Black_lava_bridge Hana coast no 1 oil on canvas.jpg

Georgia O'Keeffe - Black_lava_bridge Hana coast no 1
The local artist Roelof Rossouw mostly paints fairly standard if very well executed impressionist pictures for the popular market. Now and then he comes up with something "deeper," like this one he painted during the hard lockdown:

Roelof Rossouw - EXIT Don't Do It Oil on acrylic on canvas 56 x 76 cm.jpg

Roelof Rossouw - EXIT - Don't Do It. Oil on acrylic on canvas, 56 x 76 cm

-Anthony van Dyck: Study Head of a Young Woman

In no way is Anthony van Dyck "new" to me... but I can honestly say that this beautiful and emotionally charged portrait is. I might also state that the very idea that this painting is merely a "study" is truly disconcerting.