Really Red Wheat


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Still messing with PU and acrylic. This is PU for darks and mixed with acrylic for lights.
18x29 in on paper

The red/orange & yellow is almost straight acrylic
The blue is darker IRL.
I'm still getting a feeling for the transparency. I'll bet it really shows up in real life. (y)
Sno - Thanks, and yes, it does show more transparency IRL, but its a trade off because the PU really gives a yellow cast to every color,which is not too bad for dark values, but can be a problem with high value colors. I'm learning to adjust the mixtures as I go along, looking for a happy medium.

Iain - Thank you very much for noticing that ! It is something I strive for to dramatize the difference between what we see and what is unseen behind it all. My idea of a sort of abstract.
I am in love with this. The tress are wonderful and the movement around the path is so cool. You've captures something really special here.
Thank you Laf, always appreciated.

Yes, I was thinking of poppy fields, those immense red tulip fields of Holland and fields of wild red roses also, but felt compelled to glorify the hidden beauty of the spirit that any open field under the heavens seems to possess no matter how humble; just personal to me, I guess.
You seem to be getting better and better, Trier. I think that Van Gogh’s influence is quite apparent here. A great piece!
I regret the delay in responding to the kind comments, which are greatly appreciated, but I have been incapacitated for a bit.

Desforges: Thank you very much; the blue is a mixture of FUB, pthalo, Ti white, and a thin scumble of hansa yel applied separately and together on the support.

Hey Nufocus: I have always looked forward to your comments and evaluations as you know, and yeah, Van Gogh is never far from my mind. Thanks.

Susan: Your comment gives me a nice feeling, thank you so much for the kindness. I feel that the only area I can come close to is in the lack of sales, but hey, I'll take it!