Ravenna Blvd


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This is a house on Ravenna Blvd

This is my setup across the street

You can see it's a pretty wide street so I was able to get some distance back -
The center divide on this street is planted with Chestnut Trees - and the ground is just packed with chestnuts,
wish I knew how to prepare them... One of trees is (partially) blocking my view

The sketch. I wanted the house left of center, but got off when I was sketching, so at this point just had to go with it.

The block in. Not much to see here

Making progress That tree will have to go - it was actually blocking the right side of the house, but I didn't want to paint it like that, this is no better.
one of my admirers photobombed me.

Ravenna - 18"x 14" oil on panel.

I was channelling the ghost of Thomas Kincade for this one
comments welcomed
Love it, Bongo! You did everything right....I agree with your decision to remove the tree, and just let the charming character of this old Tudor home be the show. Nice details, warm palette.

It's a winner! ❤

Love the photo bomb picture! 😆
Charming. You are developing your own little piece of the pie. No fear will take you places others fear to try.
I am glad this looks nothing like a Kincade. This is a really cool piece. It has character and true happiness. I like your additives, the clouds, etc. Really charming painting! Well done (again). :)
Good result on a very ambitious scene and panel size for plein air. How long was the session?
I appreciate seeing your progress photos so much, Bongo. Thank you for sharing the journey of your paintings. This one shows off the best feature of the house: it's character! I am in awe of how you edit and simplify on the scene.
Terri, Wayne (i just realized that Enyaw is Wayne backward!), Arty - thank you I really appreciate your taking interest

Barrie - I think around 3 hours - a Plein air is "supposed" to take about 2 hours but it takes me longer. All my plein air work is 18"x14" because I have my easel set up to double as a wet panel carrier, but it can only carry an 18x14. So I could paint smaller on an 18x14 panel and then cut it down after - but it's harder for me to paint small anyway, cause I'm too clumsy with a brush.

Donna - I think it's just the nature of Plein air to simplify - there is so much information it would be impossible to do otherwise.
Also if I find some part hard to paint - - it's usually because it is too small and/or detailed - so the selection on what to leave out is
often done "automatically" -
Thanks for the progress shots. This turned out really nicely. There look to be several beautiful houses in that area. ❤️❤️
Thanks ntl.
Snoball - that area if nothing but big beautiful homes - this is actually an exception - but I liked the roofline.