Prismacolor premier Blue indigo versus Polychromos Artists Dark Indigo polycromo, 9.30 cents x 3 pencils, I take?dark indigo is = indigo blue 901?


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I wanted to ask if they are similar colors, if Polychromos Artists Dark Indigo can be an alternative to premie 901, prismacolor premier I have never tried them, I have not found them in stores, nor online. indigo blue I have not found any brand,
now online I have found some dark indigo, of this brand which is excellent I think. maybe the problem is that it's too good ...

so doubt and if these shades are similar or polycromo is much darker, another question and if you like monochrome designs, one color and if this would lend itself, also if you believe if it is worth it,
it was only one, and if I had found it in my part (I think it is close to the normal price, on amazon sometimes only one of indigo or sanguine, or black, at least these colors are like this, I know these because they are the colors that pigeon me and so every now and then I looked for them if I happened to go out, or I checked online), to try it I would buy it without asking, being 3, they sell them € 9.30 for 3 pencils, shipping costs included, so I think it may be considering that they have to send them (they should arrive in 2 weeks, maybe more), however I wanted to ask as well as for price per color (when I couldn't find blue I bought and tried various colors, I have three boxes of reds and a lot of stuff I don't know where to put, overpriced ideal for I draw and I'm trying to buy less or nothing for a while, but indigo is my obsession, maybe I won't take it and then in a month I will buy 10 yellows .. maybe it's better if I take it), I don't know how much these oi should cost premier, 1 2 pieces about 20 € if you read it well? but I have not really found these and then indigo in recent years, at least in Europe they seem difficult to find, even on the internet I say, once I saw them and convenient but I did not take them.

I like blue indigo, I like blue, indigo blue (or indigo) I think it's my favorite color,
I also really like monochromatic drawings, with only one color, I'd like to learn how to do them, maybe in blue.

In blue indigo I am seeing many wonderful designs, in the last few days I have seen many works by this fantastic artist, Thomas Fluharty (designs that would still be beautiful in any color, but blue I like to try it), drawings or paintings in indigo blue, they are beautiful , in the past I have also seen other wonderful drawings in indigo by other artists,
I have never found this color in stores, not even indoors, on the internet I saw it once, a box with 12 colors and it was also cheap, 10 €, but at the time I didn't order, I didn't want to order, and just for one thing,
then I decided to order but it was finished, there were no other brands, sometimes there was a single pencil, 10 € a single pencil, or 7 €, sometimes the polycromo online also 15 €, I speak before the covid, so now, all the more reason the fluctuations are normal.

I glue the drawings I made, with perhaps the color I like best from the ones I used, along with blue.
However, I recommend looking for Thomas's drawings, those are fantastic, they also eventually show the indigo prismacolor color.
these drawings are not of the red I was saying, I don't find that photo, but of a caput murtum red that I had paid for a couple of pencils at about one euro each, but maybe you can get an idea if with dark indigo I could make monochrome drawings, with n one color, maybe better together with the others, blue, maybe or you recommend graphite, for an idea I say, thank you

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at the same figure x 3, they also have prussian blue, I don't know which blue I had found in the magazine but it was very nice, it was dark, I don't remember, or even a sanguine year, and maybe even that other very nice red color that now I don't remember the name, a red that I think I saw in single-color designs.
there are various colors
, those who had will have put them like this until now
That dark indico is a nice blue. Not too intense and easy on the eye. I think Prussian would be darker but I have no knowledge of pencils. Like your sketches.
I use the Faber Castell, or sometimes PrismaColor. If you buy Indigo in both brands, they will not be the same. Indigo is also one of my favorite colors (I usually get the Fabers) and have many. I buy them on Amazon or Blick.
Wayne, Artyczar, heartfelt thanks for the answers, advice and clarifications, and kind words on the drawings,
I confirm that 3 will take them now since they have them available
I just sat down for a break after attacking two of my concrete paintings with very deep shades of grey and lamp black (all Winsor & Newton Griffin alkyds), when I saw these posts. It made me think how different my operating mode is and I realize that I envy you guys who have the talent to do excellent drawings with such refined tools as these pencils. I am more like a crass bull in a china shop!
Hermes, thank you for your reply, for me you are actually one of the finest, most educated and educated artists in the world, and you make truly amazing art.
Prussian blue is the blue you see in moku hanga (Japanese woodblock prints) by Hokusai, Hiroshige et al. Before the introduction of Prussian blue to Japan from Europe, this blue color didn't exist in moku hanga.
Thanks very much Musket for the information, I did not know, I associated with the Japanese prints, they are wonderful, very nice color also the blue prussia.

Snoball, thank you, yes, it helps a lot to see them together, seller is nice, I asked if I could instead of getting 3 more pencils of another color, if I can add them in an order, he said yes, and that he also has the other pencil indigo, not just dark indigo, so I probably now take 4 pencils in total, the top left colors I think.

among the pencils I have, at home, in the box of watercolors with 5 watercolor pencils and 5 (5 or 6, I don't remember), there is a watercolor blue, a dark blue (another brand is written only blue), but it seems similar, it seems the color that in the photo is under derwent watercolor prussian blue. looks just prussian blue. I had taken it out of the box and tried dry, at times, not a drawing, sketching that I tried to color, shading entirely, but perhaps a figure, something especially with outline, which is what I feel most, this time with color instead of graphite .

and I have a navy blue found in a bulk shop at the beginning of the year (giotto stilnovo blue marine)

when I have indigo I will write it and use it in the drawings in the forum.
Thank you
poi Ne avevo comperato 1,mi piace il colore e polychrome faber castel so sempre le matite più comode che ho usato.mi ero perso la risposta con il link di Musket. Manca.a volte penso alle sue opere meravigliose e alla sua persona.era sempre bello leggerlo.