practice pieces


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still lifes done yesterday, July 4 on 90 lb paper w/watercolor pencils, and a plein air done several months ago in my backyard. Unfortunately I missed the flowers by several days. I think the colors are pretty accurate. C&C welcomed.

2020-07-05 16.36.31.jpg
Very nice, I like those. I should do more practice pieces but those always turn out better than the ones I plan and work hard on and they are usually done on cheaper surfaces. :)
Me, too, Sno--most of my practice is on cheap material, though I finally pretty well quit using envelopes! Doing a bit of WC though, and just realized paperboard is somewhat absorbent.
Katy, thanks so much for your comments. I felt bad when I saw the remnants of the flowers. I don't think I've ever seen this one bloom, and it had several this time.
Artyczar, thanks!
I like the soft colors on the plants. Just want to see more of these. Thanks for sharing.
practice is the best part of art .. what you discover is more fun than doing what you know. Good job.