Practice Painting


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This is just a practice piece I did several years back. It is nobody, I just wanted to practice doing an aged person and start with a grisaille and see how it turned out.




that's beautiful .. personally, I would have stopped at 3 .. much more focus in her gaze
Thanks Wayne. Three would have been OK, but to me it had no life in it. Needed the highlighting.
I admire your "pure imagination" work. That is often quite difficult to do, but you do it well!
spectacular work,
nice to see the various phases, strong it is from the imagination.
Thanks Bill, sometimes I get myself painted into a corner with my imagination. :giggle:
You are bright. .. I am dull ... it's all there on both sides, just the amount of infused light is different. BTW: You must have some memory to recall such a detailed drawing.
BTW: You must have some memory to recall such a detailed drawing.
Not sure what you mean, I just sketch something out and start coloring it with paint. In this case it was completely painted in black and white (grisaille) and then color applied over it.
A stick man, fleshed out a bit and then painted, what's wrong with that?
What a beautiful display of masterfull control over every aspect of creating a painting !

Yet the painting itself is so much more than just a wonderful blend of techniques that it is hard to believe that it is not a portrait of a near and dear friend.

She bears an uncanny resemblance in features and expression to one of ours,"Betty".
Holy Moses! That is incredible sno. So detailed. She has so much character and personality. You can always do that--make your subjects come alive. That is so important. Very, very well done and it feels wonderful. Great piece. I wish I had better adjectives, damnit.
I cannot for the life of me comprehend how you could do that from your imagination - your brain must be wired in a very special way. The grisaille has its own special charm.