Portrait on metal leaf

Thank you, Kay!
I appreciate the thought, Jo.
Thanks for that, Murray!
Thanks, Andy!
Grazie mille, Joe!
This is a stunning and compelling work! You should be proud of how this came to fruition. So good! ♥️
Really beautiful...the subject is like 'sitting' on the metal sheet with a lot of depth... never tried this technique
That is wonderful encouragement for me, Zoran!
Thank you- I so appreciate your kind thoughts, Erik!
I like the portrait and your use of the metal leaf. Is it genuine gold leaf? Do you know how durable artificial gold leaf is over a period of years, and whether one has to varnish it? I have some sheets, but haven't had any ideas to use it.
Hi Hermes. This is imitation gold leaf. The real gold leaf does not tarnish. The research I have done for this imitation gold metal leaf is that it needs to have a varnish layer to stop it from changing colour. I use retouch varnish on my oil paintings anyway- so it is what I am used to.
The metal leaf is a bit tricky to use- but fun!
It's really a great portrait in and of itself, but the beauty of applying the paint to a gold leaf background elevates it to a classic. This one deserves museum space. Bravissima!
Wow, Bart! That comment made my day/week/year for sure! I appreciate you leaving such generous thoughts about my work- thank you so much! 😀