Flame on Shiny Metal Plate


oil painter
This was one of my daily paintings in January.
When I took the setup photo I noticed the plate is reflecting everything including my face/hand or what ever there was on the opposite side. So I moved my big painting copy of Murillo (which I have here laying around and it's in the beginning stages only) there and it showed in the mirror kind of a curious way so I decided to add it to the painting itself.
Mainly the purpose of this painting was to move from my comfort zone to paint something I couldn't paint: metal, reflections, flame, candle. For that reason it is kind of an odd painting and I still might work some more on it especially on that Murillo reflection.

10x10 in, oil on double oil primed canvas
Any name suggestions for this one?


I like the way you've changed the items to reflect (not a pun) what you want. I hope you do more to it because I like the concept and think you could take it beyond where it's at.
I really like it and once again, that little punch of red sets the whole thing off. (y)
Mayben, actually it's the photo that changes the reflections. In my setup and from where I was viewing & painting the reflections were showing as they are placed in the painting. Thank you so much for commenting!
Arty, thank you! Glad to hear you like the bg. I think I could make the background pattern more golden even, the pattern paint that you see is a left over paint from the day before.
Sno, thanks, good to hear your opinion about the red object. It was laying around on the table and I just added it to the setup. Like I said this was an odd set of objects together. lol

Thank you again for your comments!!