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Here is the pointillism rose that I used for my avatar(line work on border leaves but no lines at all on rose) and a colored ink pointillism of a tree. I find pointillism very relaxing and catch myself tapping my foot in time to making the dots. :)

fantastic these too

I hadn't noticed since the avatar of the dots.
I was just wondering if it was ink.

nice, i like this technique, sometimes i think i'd like to try it. (always in chiaroscuro, I thought, the color one I could not even think of it but in reality I am loving both, I would not know how to choose. in the first is so brilliant the dotted rose with linear leaves.) they are designs so beautiful and magical that I come from write things that might even make sense.

ps: I can ask for one thing.
when you drew the rose the sheet was flat,
horizontal on the table.

that is, sometimes artists recommend the support, vertical papers, I actually like this but I think for the dots I don't think I would succeed, (in the last year sometimes I change my grip or position).
I thought that perhaps at least in this technique, or in any case more in this one, the sheet on the table or on a desk (flat) is better or anyway
I usually hold the work like a tablet, at an angle. The way I do this is very very lightly, make the drawing with pencil and then do the shading in ink and erase the pencil. In the case of pencil pointillism, I have to outline the drawing in ink and put it under the paper that the finished pointillism will be on so I can see the outline and work over it. This one was done in pencil. It is something you can just keep working, adding more and more dots until you get the desired shading. Very few dots makes a light shading and many, many dots can make it almost black.
understood, thank you very much

this is also fantastic, very nice even in pencil

it's a job that will also require a lot of patience (now that I think about it, once I saw that online they sell electric pens, for the points, I think precisely because of the commitment and patience it requires) and
also rhythm,

by the way . strong the thing of the foot, but true, there will be a rhythmic cadence.
Why not try something very simple, do a very light pencil sketch and use a pen to shade it in. If you like doing it, you can buy Micron pens in various points that work great and are not very expensive. You might find you really like the process. :)
thank you so much ,

I really think I'll test then.

I have never used Microns pens,thanks again.
nice set, the various shades seem fun and useful.

a couple of years ago I had taken some felt tip pens, they were all 0.3 though. used especially for circles and lines, stopped after months so, before trying some drawings, I had bumped slightly on the shoulder and I found pencil more comfortable and then pens was something I told myself to use but I always postponed. consumed almost all these fineliner with lines, I took some of the same brand with water ink that I had found, enticed by the cheap price (10 cost as 2 previous), black and then brown. (these were 0.4, here the stem was narrower and longer, I personally preferred the others, the microns I think they have therefore the shape and comfort that I like).
a few months ago I started using them again. in recent years I have tried a couple of copies in pen and especially some figures (a little stickman, however I like the value of pens, lines). summing up I thank you so much again and I think I will try and publish an attempt.
They are rather inexpensive to try Joe. Of course you can spend more on other brands I guess, but at least if you try a set of these you will see if you like trying pointillism. Just place a few dots for light shading and more and more as you go to darker shades.
thank you very much, I hadn't even thought about the usefulness of the different thicknesses to create the points, I'll try a set.
(maybe I thought about the design to do with it. the design that I would like to try, a character, maybe something like Yoda, I don't know the series, if it's beautiful, but the images of a "baby yoda" that is funny, beautiful)