Planning a Bed WIP and done!


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Planning a Bed, Gouache on plain corrugated plastic, ~5 1/2 x 9". Used my own photos
Preparatory drawings done with compressed charcoal except the first. It was graphite on bond paper.
I haven't used gouache often, and wanted to do it on this plastic, which is basically a new material for me. I don't know how much more is available to me--maybe none... C&C welcome. Thanks for looking.

This is the "raw" plastic with charcoal




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Really nice ntl! Thank you for sharing your wip's - I love seeing how everyone goes about doing a painting.
This came out nicely, ntl! I like seeing your sketches and planning for this. That's an unusual substrate, but it definitely adds texture and looks like it was fun to use.
Yes, this turned out great! I had no idea how it would look on that but it is very colorful and a fun piece!
CaliAnn, Thanks. I almost always do preliminary drawings, even starting with thumbnail sketches. I generally do at least one in color. This time I chose an unfamiliar medium and support.

Terri, Thanks. That is corrugated plastic, available at stores, mine was free, left over from a construction site. I wouldn’t buy it, but I had a few pieces so tried it. It was okay with the gouache. For me, it is just for studies. Now I compare this study with the photo to see areas to alter. A glaring one is the fence—actually most of it. Perspective and size are off.

Jo, Thanks. It took the gouache without gesso, which kind of surprised me.

Kay, thanks. I’m not familiar with mixing gouache, so yes, pretty much bolder colors! I did enjoy doing this.

Thanks for all your comments. :)
I love seeing the progress. Good "movement" or stance in the figure in the forefront. I like how you planned these colors. :)
Arty, thanks. I'm pleased with that, too. I used BRIDGMANS "Drawing From Life" for help there, as many of my people seem stiff to me.
Very nicely done! I like the subject and the results and think it's awesome that you are able to use this unconventional material!