White Iris

It's a fun spot- about an hour from where I am (I'm about 2 miles from the Mexican border. No, I'm not worried about 'illegals'- they aren't stopping until they're a good five miles north yet) and, of course, in Arizona, no roads goes from Here directly to There. You gotta go the long way around to get anywhere.

But on a not-too-hot day, especially in Autumn, it's a great place to take a picnic, hike the trails (there's an amazing First People's shelter on one of the trails) and climb the rocks and wonder at the forces that propelled HUGE hot boulders up into the air as if it were confetti to land in stacks and piles, often as precariously balanced as our more modern- and modest- cairns on a beach or near a stream.

You should stop on your way to @OliveOyl 's- her place is about six hours from there.... 😉