Pigeon Hole


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Still life is that which does not move, right? So this is a still life. :) This was done just for fun with things I found around the house (except for the pigeon) and the pigeon was to emphasize the title. ;)
Snoball, interesting painting! My eyes are moving from one object to another finding all the time new interesting things. I think the bird gives even more to this wonderful still life. Wonderful directing of light. Thanks for sharing.
What a fun and stupendous painting. It's very original and very well painted. Love the title too. Don't you love titling art? This is a great one. I just love all your work. It's been written in stone.
Thank you Arty, as I said, it was fun to paint. As to titling, some are OK and others I strain to think of an appropriate title. :)
You never have much trouble with mine haha - except for the occasional spelling faux pas hahaha.This is such a great painting, how big is it?
Thanks Lyn. I think it is 18" X 24". As to titles, you can only name so many Trees and Mountains. :ROFLMAO: