Pears with Still Life


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We already have Still Life with Pears so I have to use a different title. 😊 I don't think I've posted this one but if I have, forgive. I'm getting old.

Fantastic! Your backgrounds are always perfectly blended too--which gives more life to the subject matter. This one is excellent! Sooper-dooper!!!!
Holy Crap! you are one talented lady. Your shadows set the table, but you know that already. Beautiful.
Thank you Patrick and Wayne! I appreciate the kind comments. ❤
Yes, me too. In fact, these were painted from a discussion with Joe about pears. You knew he had passed, didn't you?
it's a wonderful piece, very beautiful, you get lost in the colors, and it's strange but I see drama, a lot of action, tension, I think for what fabric,
I am really afraid that someone will come and tear the fabric, risking to collapse the fruit and ruin the scene which is so harmonious, beautiful.
I think it is a snapshot more than a painting and that if I click on update the fabric will be in the air and bo.

yes, this is probably a stupid, strange thought, I will have this tendency, however I find that this is also a beautiful job. thanks for sharing.
Thanks Joe, and thanks for your thoughts. The cloth is more or less precariously situated on the corner. 😊
Sno, so lovely and soft! Misty! Again, I'm interested about the size? Approximately small, medium size or big would be enough knowledge. Sorry, I always ask ☺
I use it a lot too, along with 16"X20" because they are kind of standard and easy to frame. I do a lot of portrait commissions so these sizes work well.