Outback2 (xpost Pastel)

Jo Castillo

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I finally managed to get outside and paint, even if it was just on the back porch looking across the easterly pond. What a great feeling and lovely cloudy day. Pastels on wiped off UArt. After brushing off the old painting (a mostly red still life), I washed it with alcohol and left some drips, you can see along the bottom.

Outback 2, Soft pastels on UArt 400 grit, 12 x 9 inches Assorted pastels
oh my goodness! This is really spectacular. The way the light sweeps across from the right - the sky is to die for. Maxfield Parrish palette.
I think the great feeling you had has certainly shown up in your painting. Great work!
Bongo, thank you so much. Maxfield Parrish, eh?? I do love rich color. I'm flattered and smiling.

bethany, thank you so much. I haven't been painting and it was fun. Hopefully I will get going again.
I like that Bongo mentioned Parish. I can see that here. So beautiful, as I stated in the original post. Just Wow! ♥️
It's lovely, Jo. I love the light through the tree, the clouds, the calm ripples on the water, all of it! ❤️ ❤️
Bartc, thank you. So nice to finally get out even if it was just on our porch. I love plein air and color.
Wow, I just love that pink! Lovely light on that foreground tree too. A beautiful scene! 🙂
ntl, thank you. It is a lovely calming view with a couple of ponds and the Loblolly pines.

Kay D, thank you. I like under painting sometimes I get a "happy surprise".