One Touch Master


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One Touch Master - acrylic on 12"x 12" panel


There are some Karate "experts" that claim they can knock a person out with a single touch on a pressure point. The technique has been thoroughly discredited and those that still believe in it are considered delusional or a fraud.
Having the finger targeted explains it well but he doesn't look very happy about it. :) Well done.
Great painting and premise. I love what you wrote about it too. You crack me up. I love the delusional vibes coming off his finger.
Hey Bongo, I’ve been a fan from day one. I like your work a lot. No exception here.
Thanks all for the kind words. The Chinese symbol is from a bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. I thought it was a good match - having as much to do with martial arts as the one-touch master.

Hey Bongo -
Good to see you here.
How come the Soy Sauce bottle is not all stained and gummy like mine!
The Chinese character is a combination of the symbol for "turtle" and "10,000" which loosely translates to "long life".