No Touch Master


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"No Touch Master" acrylic on 18" x 10" panel.
Not to be outdone by the One Touch Masters a new "No Touch" technique was developed. Practitioners are reputed to knock out opponents using only the power of "chi". Chi being an invisible life force. The No Touch Masters, like the One Touch Masters are considered either delusional or fraudulent by traditional "hands on" martial artists.
I love this! I love the guys, the guy in the sun glasses and your traditional background. All of it is so cool. Really great painting!
Thank you! I did some boxing back in the day and I'm a fan of MMA and into the science and techniques, but no formal training.
I like that you used all muted colors and the guy who employed the no touch is much bigger, so obviously the offender.
I doubt the veracity of dim mak. About qi I am not so sure. Something does happen with acupuncture. It's amusing to try to hit somebody who actually knows how to use Taiji to fight (hardly anyone does these days). You think you've nailed them, but there's nothing there to hit. At best it's like trying to hit jello, and if you overextend even the slightest amount, you will find your nose in close acquaintance with the floor.