One in Every Bunch


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This is one I painted a couple of years ago. It is oil on copper. I posted it on facebook when I finished it and sold it the same day.
It's no wonder. It is a beautiful still life. GREAT Vermeer-ish light. Well done and congrats on selling it. I hope you charged a meellion buckaroonies.
Thanks Arty. I didn't charge as much as it was worth, being painted on copper, but it was a local friend. So......
Not so much a glow but just a different look and the finish is almost like velvet. You treat the copper with garlic before painting and it makes the paint adhere better but it is a build up process. here is another copper painting.
Wow. That's a nice one too, Sno. Great job.

Garlic?! Is it vampire copper? Yes, it is velvety. I see what you mean. When I paint on linen it gives it almost a suede effect.
Thanks Arty. Yes, garlic reacts with the copper and gives it a tooth. Did you know that many of Rembrandt's paintings were painted on copper? It stands the challenges of time.