Olive Trees in Seville

Katie, thanks! She's a good painting company.
This morning we painted flowers together in the garden, she likes that somebody is in the garden with her.
Annie, I go with a still life to the ehibit. I think in the fall I might try to do a bigger studio painting of this landscape but I need to improve the composition. Thanks for commenting!
P.Barrie, thanks for commenting. I try to take locating photos each time I paint outside.

Trufflecat, thank you for commenting. This morning my cat wanted to go out to the garden and she dropped the harness from chair to floor and began to push with her nose on the floor indicating she wants it on and go out. I guess they learn habits. There are Bengals who take the harness to their mouth (like dogs would do) and bring it to the feet of their hoomans. Mine doesn't do that, although she doesn't mind the harness and there's so much interesting outside that she forgets it in a sec.
Bizzibee, thank you!
Mayben, thanks! It was also a very nice place to set easel. There were some field workers starting to collect crop, olives from trees in the end of the field but it took several days for them to reach the trees where I was with my cat so luckily had enough time to paint.