Olive Trees in Seville


oil painter
"Olive Trees in Seville", 17x13 inches, oil on Belgian Linen canvas, plein air.
I painted this plein air in an olive field near Seville, Spain little over a year ago. I try to post three photos in this same post and see what happens. 1. is the painting 2. the location photo with the painting and 3. is my painting company who enjoys my painting trips a lot.



Beautiful work. I love your muted greens. I have a problem myself getting my greens too bright. Thanks for sharing. (y)
Thanks, Artyczar. This location was nice place to paint. It's also so easy to add photos to this forum by using the mountain icon. In the future I try to post more mostly landscapes, still lifes and maybe some wildlife, too.
Snoball, thanks! I've been lately studying (free info on Internet) about the Zorn palette. I've added that to my own original palette by not removing any original color out but adding zorn palette colors to it. Does it make any sense? Do I make any sense :) ? I do paint sometimes using only Zorn palette but mostly adding the colors that I'm familiar with together with zorn palette - like I did in this olive tree plein air.
I tried the Zorn palette but it was too restricted for me. Would be good for me to go to again though, for discipline. I get really wild with colors sometimes. :giggle:
Very, very nice brushwork. It's interesting to me to look at work by people who can work loose. When I was a teenager I could paint that way, but if I were to start painting again, which I can't, I doubt I could.
Yes, I think this is lovely, too. I'm not a landscape painter - at all - but when I look at olive trees (in photos, usually) they have sort of a silvery, slightly lavender or maybe it's a hue like mauve??? I love them because of this "color feeling" but what am I seeing? Do they have that color anywhere? 🤔
Musket, thank you! I tend to paint not so loose. I need to really focus if I want to paint loose. When I see paintings with loose brush strokes in museums or exhibitions I think those paintings gain something extra with nice loose brush work.
OliveOyl, thank you for commenting! I think olive trees get their different shades of colors from sky, could it be that in a sunny day they have different color than in a cloudy or rainy day. What I tend to use is Ultramarine or Cobolt blue mostly because they are in mky plein air palette but there are some olive green colors that are interesting. I have painted only a few times in my life olive trees so it's still a try and error process for me.
Hey Moscatel
This is a delightful painting, IMHO.
You have captured the soft appearance of the olive which belies its tough nature.
The brighter green of the taller, more distant tree, makes for a beautiful contrast.
Your "assistant" blends in with the background so well that it would be difficult to spot her(?) if she manages to slip the leash!

Trier, thank you for commenting. To prevent her to escape I have double harness on her: the first one is a dog harness and over it a cat harness. I also watch her like a hawk and mostly I tie the other end of the leash to my legg so that I can feel any movement.