Nobody told me .. nobody said!



11 x 14 oil on paper Alla Prima .. Knife .. started painting of rainbow trout on a slab but when I hit a road block I wiped it back. I was left with values that suggested shapes and so I started painting the values with color notes and ended up here. Sure was enjoyable.
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That is really a cool example of how a painting can evolve. You sure started off with something else in mind, and look what it's become. Beautiful!
Well starting with a rainbow trout and ending with a person is quite the journey. Nice painting!
thank you Arty .. lot's of grey

thank you Terri .. usual case
.. it goes well when I remember I am not the artist, I am the tool, and the painting paints itself through me.

thank you Susan

.. if you only get a person you need to look more carefully .. demons, ghosts, castles on sand houses on cliffs a magic wand.
..why just this one shot in the middle is the master of ceremony reading the book .. or a priest or priestess at an alter .. but don't take my word .. what do you see if you allow yourself the time to?