Country Road 3


Road 3.jpg

11 x 14 inches .. oil on paper .. alla prima .. painted Jan 22/24
..not quite there: a tad more finish and I think I will be content .. now I will discard Country Road and move on and apply what I learned to the next one. I find staying with one composition seems to stagnage the flow as I inadvertenly step back to where I was when I started instead of forging ahead. Weird but true.
I really like this one! I’m trying to figure out what you did differently; more blending of the strokes maybe? It has an overall softer, smoother look to me. Was this done with your knife or brush? A fine example of Wayne-ism!
Beautiful! Another soft and pretty painting. I think you make some fair points here: it's hard to revisit the same scene/composition trying to change a style, because the composition is likely to pull the same response after a few changes. Interesting observation. Well, it's all for learning and experimenting, right? :) And in the meantime, you have put out a really beautiful series.
Thank you Terri. Observation and reaction. :cautious: No one said learning was easy and if they did; they lied.