New genre: "Plein Air Conditioned"!


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After enjoying Jo's most recent painting inside looking out, I have decided to screw the rigid classifications that roil FB art boards about what is and what isn't plein air.

I have now coined a new expression: "Plein Air Conditioned".

By definition it will be any painting inspired by your outdoor perceptions, regardless of where or when it was actually painted or finished. Period. Them's the rules.
OK, now that we have a few members, we can form the Associated League of Plein Air Conditioned Art Studios (ALPACAS). Our motto can be: "As handy as a llama, but finer!" Or: "A camel put together by a committee with better esthetic taste."

Our guiding rule can be: "In creativity there are NO rules!"

Admission to the League is by simple admission that you don't give a damn how it was created, you know what you like.