My friend, Rochelle Botello


Next week I have to drive a couple hours back to LA and pick up a bunch of my paintings that had been on loan at USC in their offices. While I'm out there, I'm going to see two of my good artists friends who I've shown with in the past. One is Rochelle Botello--a contemporary mixed media artist, mainly a sculptor, who uses tape and cardboard. Much of it is nonrepresentational, but some of her past work has some representational elements too. I thought I'd share some of her imagery:









My other friend is Leigh Salgado and I can post another thread with her work. She does meticulous hand-cut paper work.
Wow! I can see why you're drawn to this artist. Her figures are awesome, with the use of pattern and cloth that's right up your alley. ;)

I love both the stretched out child, and the last one. Wish I could see them in person!

A couple of the first sculptures have a desert vibe to me - the arches and curves have that rock formation quality. Love them!

I'm happy you shared these, Arty. Very unique works!
I was actually first attracted to her little drawings about 25 years ago. I bought one from a little gallery she was in right after she got out of grad school. Then I saw her sculptures and wrote a review of her show in a local art paper. I introduced her to a curator friend of mine and her career began to take off quite a bit. Now she shows constantly. He work has become a lot more abstract though, which is cool, but I do miss her characters, as they seemed more cathartic and expressive. I also like her abstract sculptures too though. They are sophisticated.
Thanks for showing us these. There's something about the yellow sculpture that I really like. :)
You have some very creative friends, Arty! The sculptural, organic shapes are very appealing and I'm so glad that she is having success as an artist.