Musée d'Orsay famous for paintings of the Nude bans a Visitor for a Low-Cut Dress

I'm surprised this happened in Paris of all places. I'm used to the a hypocritical approach to sex and nudity in the US. When an art historian challenged Facebook for repeatedly deleting his post of Courbet's infamous L'Origine du monde the social media giant fought against holding the trial in France due to their far more liberal attitudes toward sex and nudity. We use sex and nudity to market fashion and beauty products... and just about everything else. We accept sex and nudity in film and pop music. We have unlimited access to online pornography. But then we have endless derogatory comments made toward the women who market their looks or sex by the same guys who no doubt were drooling over them. And we have bizarre rules whereby a beautiful artistic nude photograph (or even a painting... if it is very realistic) will be deleted on social media for showing a nipple or pubic hair... yet models wearing lingerie or bikinis no bigger than a postage stamp can grind for the camera and not face censorship. At the same time, we can show the most graphic violence in film and of in social media without censorship. The whole thing is bizarre. On the other hand, it gives us artists an easy means of shocking, outraging, and challenging the taboo. 😜
In response to the ban , here is what a group of women did!
The boundary between art and pornography in literature and graphic art has been debated for a long time. For example, I admire the technique of Harry Bush very much. In my opinion, he is an outstanding illustrator — I think he is a much better draughtsman than the more famous Tom of Finland. I've contemplated posting some Harry Bush illustrations here, but most of them are definitely not suitable for work. Here is a tame example.

Harry Bush.jpg
Only if someone serves a ghost……
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Isn't that rather stating the obvious...?

Just for the record, my side of this exchange is completely hypothetical, as I personally do not believe in those weird concepts of hell, or heaven. I mean you really believe supernatural beings will torment you for all eternity because looking at a nude picture evoked feelings of lust...? Then that heaven of yours is a very, very lonely place I would think....