Mount Trentapassi


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Hello, this is my „house mountain“ viewed from my vacation home at Lago d‘Iseo in Northern Italy. I have painted him several times already and he intrigues me more and more.. Here I tried a secondary color triad with violet, a veridianish green and an orange (I think all 3 are from White Nights). The paper is 8*12‘‘, a thick no-name watercolor paper.

I would be interested in your c&c.
Thank you for looking


Some steep slopes, there! You're capturing the ruggedness for sure. I think the color of the vegetation is probably right on--very believable. I like too, that you are doing this repeatedly, in various lights and moods. Reminds me of another famous artist! :)
You have given the mountain strength and presence. The background mountain having faded more into the background really adds to making your subject prominent. Very well done.
Great example! I really like how natural your style is. How close to Modena is your vacation home? I have spent a lot of time around there. Anyway, really well done me thinks. :)
Thank you for your encouraging comments, ntl, queen bee and artyczar. I am about 100 miles north of Modena, close to Bergamo / Milano. I will do some more in different lights and moods and we‘ll see. Yes, I love that artist that you are referring to, ntl…
Thank you, Maureen, for your feedback 😀

Here is another day, different mood, different colors ( painted from the same spot fresh onto the same type of paper…. ).

Again, c&c welcome.
Thanks for looking

Wonderful! Almost naive in technique with the pops of color in the foreground, while shoving the mountain into the distance. Nice!
I’m enjoying the cool color palette in the first image and then your touches of warms in the last one.