More Poplars - HHseries


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This one was done yesterday in a reaction to the comments by sno and others.
Quick and Dirty; acrylic alla prima on cardboard.
20 x 16 ins Title: "3Poplars"

poor lighting, not as dark in lower right IRL

Next, one from the same time as "Dancing Poplars", a while ago.
18x24 ins acrylic,tempera/cardboard
Title: "Slav Village"

More to find and paint - fun.
I agree with PSA. You do look like you're having fun.

I LOVE the colors you choose. I loved the first, then scrolled down and really loved the second--can't choose which I love more. The purple moon is a good choice, and the pink swishy sky in the second is to die for. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
Great, both of them. The complementary purple sun with the orange poplars almost looks like a color negative. Well done. ❤️ ❤️
Your color selections are original and delightful. The distant city or whatever it is in the Poplars gives a nice feeling of distance. These both exude a feeling of casual boldness and energy that is so appealing.