Here is bad picture of a little self-portrait bust I did in clay. It was a gift to mjp many moons ago. It's only three inches high. I didn't have brown embroidery thread, so red was the closest there was, and I had streaks of red in my hair at the time. The glasses are metal. I used to wear that sweater all the time, which I got for free at a Phoenix thrift store. It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced. Everything I picked up in the store I asked how much and the woman behind the counter kept saying "free." I gave them a donation and left and felt like I stole from them.

This sculpture also comes with a little green scarf that I crocheted, but I don't know where it is.

While I made this, I never laughed to hard in my life.

Arty,.......You live in PHOENIX?? I'm in Glendale. (You mentioned a Phoenix Thrift Store.)
I am not in Phoenix. I am in the high desert of So. Cal. But I have been to Phoenix many, many times and I got that sweater in a thrift shop there.