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I sketched this on location with pen and ink, in an A4 size sketch book with what appears to be 100 or 140 gsm cartridge paper, at the Chennai Urban Sketchers' Sketchmeet #19 this morning. It was blazing hot with no shady trees around. But fortunately I was able to sit for the entire duration of my sketching in a narrow strip of shade thrown by the building at the corner of Broadway and NSC Bose Road.
Madras Law College, CUSk Sketchmeet 19.jpg
Even the pedestrian crossing lines add to the amazing totality of your work! I can’t really call it a sketch as I think it is a complete work—very impressive!
Gorgeous and well done. The Texas Urban Sketchers and more will be in our hometown of Bastrop the weekend of September 30. You ought to come!
Scamall, Jo...Thank you.
Jo... I checked out the event on the Net and it looks very interesting. I wish Bastrop was much closer to Chennai. I also visited the Texas Urban Sketchers page on Facebook (there are two groups in Texas) and saw some very nice sketches.