Chennai Lighthouse


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This was sketched on location during the Urban Sketchers Chennai's Sketchmeet 21 today. I chose to sketch from a location to the North of the lighthouse to include the Metro Rail work that is now dominating the landscape around it, and I retained the lighthouse in my sketch only in the background to give a context to my sketch.

My sketch is with pen & ink, approximately 8" x 6" on 140 gsm cartridge paper. It is a quick sketch - approximately 20 minutes on location and a further 5 to 10 minutes at home strengthening some lines and shading.

I had actually planned a slightly more detailed and refined sketch to be completed in about an hour. But several passers-by started interacting with me while I was sketching and even asked to go through my sketchbook. I did not mind this at all but, as the minutes ticked away, I decided to switch to a quick sketching mode and this is the result.

Chennai Lighthouse.jpg
Thank you Ayin. I am quite content with what I did manage to do, but it is not what I set out to do when I started.
This is beautiful. We don't have a sketch group here in Bastrop, Texas, but the Texas Urban sketchers are coming on September 30. Should be fun. You did a great job.
Thank you Jo. I have been a member of a sketching group called Chennai Weekend Artists since 2012. We used to meet very regularly every Sunday at different locations to sketch together. But these events dried up during the covid pandemic. We now meet only once or twice a week.
Meanwhile the Urban Sketchers Chennai group was formed a couple of years ago and it is growing slowly. We meet twice a month and, yesterday there were close to 30 participants.
Very nice sketch Balaji. Now I understand why you are so good at pen and ink sketching. Practice makes perfect.