Linda's Trees Abstract


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The original from which this is derived is posted in the Landscape thread, but I will attach a copy here for your convenience in comparing.
18x24 acrylic/paper


Original PA

Comments and advice welcome as always.
Thanks again sno, I'm glad that you like it because that means I didn't go too far
I love both and that they communicate the same scape in different ways--capturing their own vibe for each. I feel like we are on the same wavelength at times. I'm fixing to do almost the same thing. You have also inspired me to not be hesitant about it and have more freedom to do it. I like the freedom I feel in the top abstracted piece, though I feel it in the second one too in a more peaceful, serene way. I also love your curvy gestures in both. Great palette in both pieces--appropriate for each! :)
Arty & Dave - Thanks for your interest and kind comments; you know how encouraging and sustaining that can be.