Icy Forest


Icy Forest.jpg
7x9 mixed watermedia in Masters Touch 80 lb paper sketchbook, done last week, another imaginary winter landscape. Here I have begun with white acrylic gouache followed by grey Brusho then watercolor, utilizing lots of negative painting to form forest trees.
C&C welcome.
Very good, Kay. Negative painting is more difficult than just painting it in. Well done. ❤️
This is cleverly done- great 'feel' to the piece- it LOOKS cold. I really like that right side mid-area in that rusty brown- my eye goes there, and then all around, back to the brown, and all around- good work here.
I see it almost opposite from Jo: There's been a wet snowfall (the large white areas) and the area in the lower left is a stream with a water-ice-snow-mud mixture. Makes me want to double-check that my boots are tied and waterproofed!

I missed this one before! Beautiful work, Kay! I love the almost abstract feel of this, while clearly seeing a cold, wet, winter scene. Great job.