Lilac Time


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I don't know why this is so large.
27 x 21 ins acrylic & pastel/paper

Comments, Complaints & Critiques Welcome

I love the ghosty figure the most. It is very mysterious and I like it. I like that the figures are set, going up on a hill and just where all of them are situated in the composition. Well done!
A departure for you, Trier. Mysterious. Somewhat reminding of Picasso’s blue period. Nice!
I see a bride going up the aisle, carrying lilacs, in a church with stained glass windows and a packed audience on the near side.
Snoball -
Thank you very much for noticing and commenting on this.
You see my motif exactly as I intended, and the comment in your first reply reflects, in a general way, my under the surface effort to show deeper meanings and a bit of truth/reality through symbolism. That effort may be too personal to me to be recognized by others, but it is why I will always keep this image where I can see it.

Susan -
Thank you for the very nice comment, especially regarding the figures since I find them difficult to do and am unsure.

Arty -
I appreciate your comment a lot. I am pleased that you noticed the 'uphill' aspect of the figures placement which I regarded as fundamental to the composition. Thanks.
Hey Nufocus -
Really glad to see you here and to get your always appreciated comments.
I like your Picasso ref since I know you are an admirer of his work.
Yeah, it looks like a departure, but I tend to wander around a lot, and as long as I don't depart from reason, I hope it will be Okay.

Regards to All,