last things and other things.

Joe, I truly admire your work ethic.
You seem to be constantly working on drawing and it’s paying off.
Very good work!
ntl ,Maybenartist,Desforges,Hermes,
Thank you all for the beautiful and generous words, happy that you think this.
I did these,from photo ferecence online , trying to change, a little looser, less pressure above all, and using digital brushes in which I didn't have to force myself with the wrist like the last portraits I had tried in digital charcoal. Without realizing there I had used a lot of the pose and fingers

2023-11-15 15-52 1.jpeg
2023-11-15 15-52 2.jpeg
2023-11-15 15-52 3.jpeg
2023-11-15 15-52.jpeg
2023-11-16 00-06.jpeg
I made these, the cat is better with the writing or without.
drawings by seeing one of the videos about animals on the internet, on Instagram, but if you post drawings made from a video I have to report the source, but the videos I see are probably not from the user who made the video, so sometimes I don't know who made the video or I don't remember where I saw the video, I had taken, captured a few frames on my phone some time ago of this video that I found funny, I have something else on my phone that I was thinking of perhaps drawing, yesterday and today I tried this which I remembered the cat's face as very fun and worth trying

2023-11-19 22-46.jpeg
2023-11-20 16-29 1.jpeg
2023-11-20 16-29.jpeg
2023-11-20 18-00 1.jpeg
2023-11-20 18-00 2.jpeg
2023-11-20 18-00.jpeg
Wonderful. I always enjoy your drawings as I see Vincent in them at times. That adult/child and dog back a few are amazing.
Your drawings just keep getting better, Joe. I really enjoy watching your progress. These last sketches are really great. ❤️ 🐶