last things and other things.


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things from the last 2 months or so, there is a turkey, I forgot, it's today I think, thanksgiving, best wishes to those who live in the USA

2022-11-15 01-05.jpeg
2022-11-15 01-06.jpeg
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The drawings on this page are really, really good Joe. Look at them closely as if you were examining someone else's drawings and then go back to page one and look at how you've improved. Excellent! ❤️❤️


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in the month I tried the figures again, these here
All from photos except the face, the last photo, the portrait, is a copy, study, which is from a master's drawing.
are done digitally,
in the last few weeks I have noticed, even after changing the tip, they wear out every now and then so when changed the use is more pleasant. that is, I have doubts, doing shading also cross hatching, using brushes, various brushes that simulate matie, that uniformity, scale values, even trying a lot, it always comes out differently from the paper, many lines, and many lines, or few, some are very dark , even if small, is it normal not to be able to scale values with an iPad? or is it up to me? or from film on the monitor.
I was also wondering if I should do hatchindg or if it's ok to use pastel or digital pencil brushes for very close strokes or it would still be bad

2022-11-19 00-50.jpeg
2022-11-19 01-27.jpeg
2022-11-19 01-31 1.jpeg
2022-11-19 01-31 2.jpeg
2022-11-19 01-31.jpeg
2022-11-23 18-57.jpeg
2022-11-29 01-11.jpeg


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Thanks .
Something different. The first because the reference is a painting, also a famous painting that I like for several reasons. In the second no reference

2022-11-29 17-39.jpeg
2022-11-30 18-20.jpeg