last things and other things.

Ayin, thanks.
Hi, I've done these in the last 12/15 days, some from photos, others are from nonsense, attempts at copies

2022-07-08 01-46.jpeg
2022-07-04 21-12.jpeg
2022-07-04 23-27.jpeg
2022-07-03 16-33.jpeg
2022-07-07 22-58.jpeg
2022-07-07 22-58 1.jpeg
2022-07-08 23-08.jpeg
2022-07-09 02-42.jpeg
2022-07-09 17-50.jpeg
2022-07-11 02-00.jpeg
2022-07-03 02-36.jpeg


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    2022-07-08 23-07.jpeg
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I check in every now and then and I have to say your dedication has always impressed me and the reflection of your dedication is showing through your enlighten drawings. Some of these are just pure joy. You just keep getting better. Hats off to you as your are a good inspiration for me.
Wayne, thank you very much for the very kind words, I appreciated them very much, I'm happy that you think about it, thank you
After a few days I had tried to make the figures again, I did these, it's difficult for me to judge them,

maybe I should try for a while to draw them all with less detail, or more, maybe both, maybe deciding first what to practice, I do a little at random , In the photos the model was the same even if from the drawings maybe it doesn't look like it.

2022-08-05 11-32 4.jpeg
2022-08-05 11-32 1.jpeg
2022-08-05 11-32.jpeg
2022-08-05 11-32 3.jpeg
2022-08-05 11-32 2.jpeg