Last of the landscape series ....



2Off Road.jpg

3Autumn Blaze.jpg

4Scraggle Trees.jpg

Division .. Off Road .. Autumn Blaze .. Scraggle Trees

This was fun considering I had not painted in well over two months ..I did 14 and only 3 didn't make the grade ... hapy with that.
The last one I finsiherd was Autumn Blaze and I think it conveys my wanted movement to more color and expression. We'll see.
I LOVE the sky in that second one: Perfect color and value catching the mare's tails that signal a change in weather.

And the fore tree in the last one is terrific!
Thank you JStar.
Second one reminds me of Vincent’s last piece in composition but not mood. Straggles are cool.
These are all good but like Jae, I like that second one for a number of reasons. I like the road going around the bend, the sky and the near bushes that have turned colors. Well done. ❤️ ❤️
All such beautiful plays on fall colors. They're gorgeous. I'm drawn to the second one, too, for composition and the sky. Love the purple shadows in the third!

A glorious way of re-entry. You've not lost a thing! ❤️
Thank you Terri.
I don’t think you lose from being away from art as long as your heart and eyes stay true to your love. I actually think it does one good to sit back and analyze the wrongs and rights of past endeavours. That said, one must learn to love one’s past efforts if one is to rise above them. When you look with love you seem to find ways to improve upon and when you look in disgust you will find further ways to fail.
These are fun and strong paintings. I like the last two for some reason. The scraggy trees are well done. Someone said, "My favorite painting is the one I'm working on now!" Applause.
Thank you Jo. I think it’s the anticipation of what I will arrive at in the next painting. Looking forward to what will come.
All are very good but the light on the trees in Autumn Blaze and the deep blue-purple shadow color stands out to me. All of your landscapes seem like so much more than literal descriptions.
Thank you Donna. I like that as sometimes I think I get too copycat and literal and I do like things with individual expression included.
Beautiful paintings. Lovely greys and muted colours. Blaze is my favourite too, like the scraggy branches.