For Good Measure: Four More






As I painted for a couple of weeks I have a little build up so I will do multiples till I catch up with myself.
All painted from photos I took while driving around looking at the autumn colors except the winter one
which was a photo I too last year or the year before.
Autumn Trail ... Up The Hill ... Winter Woods ... Autumn Road

I apply my paint these days more liberaly and more of it. I use the brush and knive enterchangable depending on the effect I want.
I am also a little more liberal with my color. Not as much as I would like but landscapes seem to dictate to me the colors I can use where still lifes are dictiated by me.
Ahhhh, so wonderful. Wish we could get back to your country. We had such a good summer there. Yikes, It has been 20 years. I still hear the music in my head.....
I really like those textural strokes, Wayne. Nature is textural so it makes sense to paint it that way. Your autumn colors are wonderful!
Thank you Anne

thanks Jo

thanks Donna . Agree, nature is a big abstraction that suggests detailed realism through textured overlays.

thanks Zen and Bart
Lovely scenes Wayne. I just love the tree in the first one. You are so good at these!
These are all great! There's strength in each of them- you haven't lost your touch.

If I had to pick one, it would be the third- which takes nothing away from any of the others.
Thank you Kay ... took awhile to get a tree to look like a tree .. sloppy works well

Thanks JStar .. I'm with you on that .. bigger shapes seem to draw the eye ..
All very well done. I particularly like the evergreens in the first two. You've still got it. :giggle: ❤️
Thank you Sno. Today, one last few of landscapes and then I move over to your fav *** Flowers
Gorgeous! Love that road/path in the last. Love all of them. You are back to being so prolific! ♥️
Ooo - I overlooked these, apparently. What a beautiful display of rich colors. The warmth of the first two and the last is so soothing on the eye. ❤️
I prefer this set to the previous. The first two really caught my eye - the simplicity and mood. Beautiful.