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I had painted this one 20 years ago for my son. It is 5'x5', on canvas. I've added to it from time to time since.
My son was a student at the time and lived in a sad looking apt. near the college.
I called it the world and also covered a long cardboard tube with canvas that had some elements that were in the painting.
Told him then that the stick was his passport and that he would need it for his travels to feed himself and defend himself throughout his journey around the globe.
it brightened their pad and it is now hanging here with the stick. It is mainly acrylic and collage. Still, his.
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Thanks, Carol! Thinking of you a lot these days. Hope that you and Hannah are doing well!
Thank you Jocelyne. So nice of you to think about us. We are good. I am always thinking about you and your amazing work.