I'm Gonna Be A Surfer


Today's pass time ... two kids playing in the waves .. from the beach the other day .. 11 x 14 alla prima .. 3 color primary and white
FUBlue, PRose, Lemon
thank you but I got them too close yesterday .. too much about nothing and not enough about something...
Enyaw, another beauty, I love this one. This painting is perfect, each time I look I find new interesting areas in this painting that are so well painted and nature/water really has those. Such challenging view to paint and you did well. Wow, these really are plein airs (I read your comment in top post).
Thank you mos and sno.

I paint from photo references. I have not done a plain air in years. Don't enjoy it. I rather paint at home but when I am out I am always looking at nature to see what she has to offer today. It's like the haystacks, different at different times of the day.